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FYI (forwarded message below). Something you can do about bottom trawling.
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 Hey there - Sorry for the mass mailing but... My team at the Deep Sea 
Conservation Coalition has just launched a new web campaign to halt high 
seas bottom trawling, one of the world's most destructive fishing practices. 
To give an example, bottom trawling is wiping out cold water coral reefs 
which were already more than 2,000 years old at the time that the pyramids 
were built in ancient Egypt.

 We think we have a real chance of getting the UN to do something about it, 
and we only have a few weeks left to get the Europeans on side (European 
countries are responsible for most of the fishing). Hence this web action. 
We're asking people to *visit
* where you can send an e-card to the people who will make the decision. You 
can either design a deep sea creature yourself (which is fun, especially for 
kids) and/or send a ready made card. 

 Can you also please pass (cut and paste) this message on to your own 
contacts lists?




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