[Coral-List] Santa Marta (Colombia) Coral Spawining Data

Phanor Montoya phmontoya at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 09:52:53 EDT 2005

   Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Santa Marta
   Caribbean Coast of Colombia, South America
   Coral spawning observations
   August 25, 26, y 28- 2005
   Site: El Torin, Coral Cover 50-60%.
   August 25, 2005
   Montastraea faveolata  21:58 to 22:19   8 colonies
   M. cavernosa  18:10 to 19:33   4 male colonies
   Diploria strigosa   17:20 to 21:10   39 colonies
   August 26, 2005
   M. faveolata    22:01 to 10:20    4 colonies (the same of august 25)
   D. strigosa    bundles in the water

   Site: El Cantil, Coral Cover 30%.
   August 28, 2005
   Eusmilia fastigiata   19:20 to 20:40   3 colonies

   Observation team:

   Jessica Escobar (Fundación Bucea Colombia)
   Juan Federico Suarez (Fundación Bucea Colombia)
   Carlos Uriel Romero (Fundación Bucea Colombia)
   Phanor Montoya-Maya (Fundación Bucea Colombia)
   Marijan Muzinic (Poseidon Dive Center)
   Martha Elena Ruiz (Poseidon Dive Center)
   Four volunteers from Fundación Bucea Colombia and Poseidon Dive Center


   Fundación  Bucea  Colombia  would  like  to  thank the Jessica Escobar
   (Fundación  Bucea  Colombia)  and Phanor Montoya-Maya (Fundación Bucea
   Colombia)  for  coordinating  the field observations. We would like to
   express  our  gratitude  to  all  the volunteeer for their support and
   commitment:  Juan  Federico  Suarez (Fundación Bucea Colombia), Carlos
   Uriel Romero (Fundación Bucea Colombia),
   Marijan  Muzinic  (Poseidon  Dive Center), Martha Elena Ruiz (Poseidon
   Dive  Center),  and four more volunteers from Fundación Bucea Colombia
   and  Poseidon  Dive  Center.  For  more information please visit us at

   Phanor Montoya Maya 

   Biologo Marino - Instructor de Buceo

   Celular 3155608765

   [2]phmontoya at hotmail.com


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