[Coral-List] Palythoa bleaching ?? and ascidians ????

Martin Pêcheux martin.pecheux at free.fr
Mon Sep 12 04:55:55 EDT 2005

Dear divers,

Edwin Ervin (email the 9/9/05)  mentions Palythoa caribbaeorum as
bleaching in Puerto Rico. I had just prepared this email few days
I did not read a mention of bleaching of Palythoa spp. since a very long
time. In the 1980s to around ~1995, many publications quoted it as
bleaching, and often the worst. Would it be a focus of observers on hard
corals? or are they less? or would have they adapted? or whatever ? I
attach some importance as they have the symbionts in the ectoderm, so
deducing less O2 or O. radicals concentration, shorter CO2/HCO3 pathway,
in particular during bleaching doldrum/low water agitation time (or
could it be the reverse?). Even anecdotical reports are wellcome.

Also, there is still just one report of bleaching of prochordate
Ascidians (in didemids), symbiotic with the strange
"prokaryotic-eukaryotic" Prochloron. Would some body have also observed
it ? (in GOREAU, T. J., and HAYES, R. L., 1995. Coral reef bleaching in
the South Central Pacific during 1994. Coral Reef Initiative, US Dept.
State, Washington DC, USA. 201pp)

Thanks observers,

Dr. Martin Pêcheux
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