[Coral-List] Coral Reef Ecosystem Database Available online

Chris Jeffrey Chris.Jeffrey at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 14 10:27:34 EDT 2005

Online Coral Reef Database to Assist Researchers and Managers in Caribbean

Scientists from the National Centers for Coastal Ocean Sciences’ 
Biogeography Program recently went public with an online database to 
serve ecosystem monitoring data gathered over the last five years from 
field studies in southwestern Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 
Researchers, coastal managers, and interested members of the public can 
download the entire dataset, or can query the database to provide 
specialized reports on species biomass, richness, abundance, and 
diversity. In addition to the data products, a second querying function 
was developed to serve both fish and habitat photos that have been 
collected over time. These datasets are already being utilized by NCCOS' 
partner agencies in the Caribbean region, including local federal and 
territorial government agencies, universities and NGOs to improve 
management of these regions. By providing online access to the datasets 
they will be readily available to an even greater audience. For more 
information, contact Chris Caldow at (301) 713-3028 x 164 or 
Chris.Caldow at noaa.gov <mailto:Chris.Caldow at noaa.gov>. You can access the 
database directly by navigating to 
http://biogeo.nos.noaa.gov/projects/reef_fish/ and clicking on “Reef 
Fish Database”.

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