[Coral-List] Re: Coral bleaching in Barbados

Fabian Hinds fhinds at coastal.gov.bb
Wed Sep 14 12:27:25 EDT 2005

Dear Coral-list,

Barbados' coral reefs have also be experiencing some bleaching.  Preliminary investigations to the north of the island have revealed the following:

Depths: 30 -60 ft
Temp. at depth: 31C- 32C (dive computer)
Species affected: Diploria strigosa, Meandrina meandrites, Siderastrea siderea, Montastrea annularis, and Diploria labryinthiformis

Similar such reports have been made for the southern portion of the west coast.

Best regards,

Fabian Hinds
Marine Biologist (Ag)
Coastal Zone Management Unit
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