[Coral-List] coral bibliography

Eric Pante ericpante at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 19 13:21:37 EDT 2005

Dear Listers,

I am currently using "bibtex" as my bibliography management tool, and I 
am willing to share my coral literature bibliography file with who 
would be interested. If some of you use bibtex, and have coral / marine 
ecology literature in this format that you are willing to share as 
well, please let me know.

best regards to everybody,

PS - I wanted to post this message on the coral-literature mailing 
list, but I could not find any link for it. Is this list still in 
activity ?

Eric Pante
Graduate Student in Marine Biology
Grice Marine Laboratory
205 Fort Johnson Road, Charleston SC 29412
(ericpante at hotmail.com)

	"On ne force pas la curiosite, on l'eveille ..."
	Daniel Pennac

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