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Robert W. Buddemeier buddrw at kgs.ku.edu
Tue Sep 20 10:10:52 EDT 2005

Eric and Listers --

You don't need to be using BibTex, or any specific manager, to exchange 
files; the following is a quote from the EndNote7 help file:

"References in an EndNote library can be exported to Rich Text Format 
(RTF), HTML, XML, and plain text documents. The export command can be 
used to create independent bibliographies, or to create files that may 
be imported into other databases.

When you export references from EndNote, the references showing in the 
library window are formatted according to the current style. Any style 
may be used; if you want to create a file for import into another 
program, EndNote includes a number of styles that are intended for data 
transfer. These export formats include Refer/BibIX, BibTex, and RIS format."

For importing to Endnote and for other exchange options, the EndNote 
website offers exchange utilities for almost all of the bibliography 

Eric, you are welcome to my references, but my library contains a lot of 
non-coral references -- contact me outside of the list server and let me 
know what  key words you would like to have searched for the download.

Bob Buddemeier

Copyright Thomson ISI 2003

Eric Pante wrote:

> Dear Listers,
> I am currently using "bibtex" as my bibliography management tool, and 
> I am willing to share my coral literature bibliography file with who 
> would be interested. If some of you use bibtex, and have coral / 
> marine ecology literature in this format that you are willing to share 
> as well, please let me know.
> best regards to everybody,
> Eric
> PS - I wanted to post this message on the coral-literature mailing 
> list, but I could not find any link for it. Is this list still in 
> activity ?
> Eric Pante
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