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Also, pesticides and herbicides are usually used on golf courses, and
sometimes dyes to make the grass greener.  You can find out if the
builders are doing anything to decrease runoff.  In Bermuda, pesticides
have been found to cause mutations (even on the macroscopic, morphological
level) in toads, and the Bermuda Biological Station's Ecotoxicology lab
has participated in studies there. Contact them or the Bermuda Aquarium,
Museum and Zoo, for details.

Websites for these contacts:  www.bbsr.edu, www.bamz.org

> how close is the reef to the golf course? usually every night a golf
> course will turn on their sprinklers to water the grass. To make sure
> the grass looks good they have to fertiiize it first. All that
> fertizer could run into the reef and have serious consequnces.
> Kalai
> Rutgers University
> Marine biology(grad: may 2006)
> On Sep 19, 2005, at 11:22 AM, Erik Gauger wrote:
>> Dear Members of the Coral List,
>> I am writing about the destruction of a coral reef by an unethical
>> developer who is using the language of ecology to convince people
>> that their golf course, built adjacent to a coral reef, is harmless
>> to the reef and ocean.
>> You can read the article here:
>> http://www.notesfromtheroad.com/WestIndies/bakers_bay_intro.htm
>> Is anyone willing to speak with me about coral and golf course
>> specifics?
>> Thanks,
>> Erik
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