[Coral-List] question about coral

Kathryn Hedges Khedges at khwisdom.com
Fri Sep 23 22:16:07 EDT 2005

I am a teacher in Indiana and I have been reading the messages on the 
coral reef listserve.  I want to know what types of algae are within the 
coral as (symbionts?).  I was told that rice coral releases the algae 
during spawning - do corals release their algae at other times too?  Do 
stressed coral release some of the zooxanthallae ?

I also wanted to know if there is any measure of UV exposure to the 
corals that are bleaching?  And if the temperature is as important as 
the duration of the temperature?  ie could coral withstand a rapid 
increase in temperature if it were of real;atively short duration better 
than prolonged temperature increases - even at lesser temperatures?  I 
would think that there might be a greater apoxia as a result of the 
prolonged increases in temperature.

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