[Coral-List] Need a writer or journalist?

steve tooze stevetooze1 at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 26 04:12:44 EDT 2005

Perhaps you want the latest news or results from your project written up in 
an accessible way in order to reach a non-expert mainstream magazine and 
newspaper readership?

Or maybe your organization needs an experienced writer or journalist with a 
genuine interest in reef conservation and management to communicate your 
ideas and aims to a wider audience?

I’m a general news and features journalist with 20 years experience of 
writing for national press and magazines in the UK. I’m also a keen scuba 

I’m hoping to specialize as a writer and communicator in your field and, to 
this end, I have been accepted on the MSc course in Tropical Coastal 
Management at Newcastle University, starting in September 2006.

Meanwhile, I would really like to spend the next 12 months actively involved 
in – and gaining more experience about – the work in which I hope to base my 
future career.

So if you feel you can use my writing and communications skills and 
experience, please contact me via my email address stevetooze1 at hotmail.com. 
I am, of course, more than willing to work overseas.


Steve Tooze

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