[Coral-List] Reef Regeneration

Amy Ridgeway amy at coralcay.org
Wed Sep 28 10:34:30 EDT 2005

I am currently looking into the different methods currently being employed
to manipulate coral recruitment via the enhancement of coral settlement or
the enhancement of herbivorous fish stocks and attempts being made to
reverse phase shift around the world.

I have already been made aware of several systems of artificial reef
(ReefBall, EcoReefs, Biorock) and also a couple of other projects around the
world looking to address the issue of regeneration in different ways e.g.
through increases in larval seeding or environmental clean-ups. I would be
most grateful if anyone were able to assist me in my research by either
informing me of other specific case studies or systems that they were aware
of, or even better actively involved with.

Many thanks

Amy Ridgeway
Science Intern

Coral Cay Conservation Ltd

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