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Wed Sep 28 16:46:33 EDT 2005

Hi Amy,

The Reef Ball Coral Team continually develops new methods. You may wish to make
contact with and join that team as they are a group of hundreds of worldwide
experts that come together for specific projects around the world.

Currently, the team is in the Cayman Islands doing post hurricane reef
rehabilitation training to the Cayman Department of Environment.  18 Coral Team
Experts came from countries all over the world for the training and during the
last 5 days the team has propagated and planted over 500 new coral colonies. 
We also built and deployed new habitats to catch this year's coral spawn for
natural recruitment.  The team is also teaching the government new techniques
in red mangrove restoration so repair a bottleneck in the near shore habitat

As a non-profit public charity, we assemble project teams to help effectively
disseminate various approaches for specific rehabilitatino goals.

The team is activating again in Thailand Oct 10-17th to continue our Tsunami
coral rehabilition project and another activation is expected for Indonesia.

contact john at reefball.com if you have time and would like to join the team on a
project to learn the latest techniques and to share new methods with the team.

The level and speed of the advancement of practical restoration methods has been
occuring rather rapidly as the Coral Team continues to grow worldwide.  It is a
"mistake" to believe you know the "reef ball" method as the whole concept of
the team is to constantly use and test the latests scientific methods bring
those that can be practically implemented to the field.

-Todd Barber
Reef Ball Foundation

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