[Coral-List] short term coral growth

Tennille Irvine tennille_irvine at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 28 23:22:49 EDT 2005

   I'm currently studying a PhD at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and
   as  part  of  a larger project, am interested in looking at short term
   coral  growth  (of  3  month  periods) to investigate how growth rates
   change  throughout  the  year  in relation to reproductive cycles. The
   species   I   am   using   are   Echinopora   ashmorensis,  Cyphastrea
   microphthalma,  Acropora  formosa  and  Montipora  (species  yet to be
   chosen)  and  I  want  to  assess colonies in  the  field  rather than
   transporting to a lab.

   I  believe  there  is  a  risk  with alizarin staining of it forming a
   blurred  zone  rather  than distict bands and using every 3 months may
   results in one continuous blur rather than several bands.

   Any input or suggestion of methodology would be greatly appreciated.

   Tennille Irvine

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