[Coral-List] Recent articles trace metals and corals

Amanda Reichelt-Brushett areichel at scu.edu.au
Fri Sep 30 00:37:08 EDT 2005

Dear Coral listers,
For those people interested some recent published articles on trace metals 
and their impacts on early life stage of corals are as follow:

Reichelt-Brushett, A. J. and Harrison, P. L. (currently available on line) 
The effect of selected trace metals on the fertilization success of several 
scleractinian corals species. Coral Reefs.

Reichelt-Brushett, A. J. and Michalek-Wagner, K. (2005) Effects of copper 
on the fertilization success of the soft coral Lobophytum compactum. 
Aquatic Toxicology. 74 (3) 280-284.

Reichelt-Brushett, A. J. and Harrison, P. L. (2004) Development of a 
sub-lethal test to determine the effects of copper and lead on 
scleractinian coral larvae. Archives of Environmental Contamination and 
Toxicology. 47 (1) 40-55.

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