[Coral-List] Coral Surface Area Formulae

Helen Brylewska nellie_bryl at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 30 14:18:42 EDT 2005

Dear Coral List,

I am trying to calculate the surface area of live
Diploria sp. brain corals from a variety of
measurements taken in the field (height, longest
diameter and diameter at right angle to this), however
am struggling to find accurate formulae for the
variety of shapes that i am encountering. Relatively
flat morphs are easy enough, as are the nicely round
based hemispherical or spherical ones. i am struggling
with the elliptical based shapes and the more 'lobed'
ones. Ellipsoid surface area formulae all seem to be
somewhat inaccurate. So, if anyone has any advice or
ideas for me they would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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