[Coral-List] Global Coral Reef Distribution Maps

Oliver, Jamie (WorldFish) j.oliver at cgiar.org
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Hi Leon

ReefBase has pretty good maps at a global scale which are derived from
the WCMC coral reef coverage (the same maps that are used in the World
Atlas of Coral reefs). Unfortunately these maps are not high resolution
and in some case are not particularly accurate.  The next generation of
high resolution reef maps is currently being created as part of a joint
project with NASA, University of South Florida and WCMC.  These are
based on satellite images and the classification system developed by
Serge Andrefouet. ReefBase is making these maps available as they are
finalized - but you have to go to a specific menu area to access them.
Currently there are high resolution maps (and links to the satellite
images) for the eastern Caribbean and some areas in the Pacific and
Indian Oceans.

To get to these maps go to ReefBase and open the ReefBase GIS by
clicking on the "online gis" link at the top of the home page. Once the
ReefBase GIS page has opened,  click on the pull-down menu at the top
left, go to the "Millenium Coral Reef Mapping" section, and click on
"reef classification (preview)"

Once you have a map displayed that you wish to use, you can save it as a
high resolution bitmap (up to 2000 x 2000 pixels) by clicking on the
save icon on the left hand side of the screen, selecting the resolution
needed and then right-clicking the thumbnail to save the full image to
your computer.

While ReefBase does not have a time series of reefs at risk, it is
possible to display the maps of the WRI "Reefs at Risk" reports, and
zoom in on any area of interest. You can also overlay bleaching records,
MPAs etc on the risk maps.

Coral Bleaching Maps are available both as a display of all  bleaching
records for all year from the main default map. You can also access maps
of bleaching records for each year, and monthly maps of bleaching
overlaid on top of the relevant NOAA degree heating week map.  These
detailed maps can be accessed through the pull down menu (choose "Yearly
Coral Bleaching Records" or "Bleaching and Sea Temperatures"

Hope this information helps you.

Best regards

Jamie Olive

Jamie Oliver
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The WorldFish Center
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I'm relatively new to this listserv so I apologize in advance if this
question has already been asked.
Is there anywhere  that I can get a high resolution global coral reef
distribution image?  It would be nice to show:
1) Global image showing coral distribution
2) Global images showing the threatened coral reefs (time series)
3) Global images showing bleaching events (time series)
The key is that the image be at a high enough resolution (2048 x 1024
min, 4096 x 2048 much better).
Or the original data would be fine as well.
If available, these images would be projected as part of an exhibit
called Science on a Sphere (SOS)(http://sos.noaa.gov) at the Bishop
Museum in Honolulu, HI.  For more info on SOS and the data format, see
http://sos.noaa.gov/sosfaq.html.  I also welcome thought on any other
global images that you have in mind.  If you have images that you'd like
to share, please let me know how it should be credited.
Thanks in advance,

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