[Coral-List] Reef protection and management at European ISRS in Bremen: 15 May deadline!!

Nicholas Polunin N.Polunin at newcastle.ac.uk
Mon Apr 3 09:49:32 EDT 2006

The European ISRS meeting in Bremen (http://isrs2006.zmt.uni-bremen.de/ 19-22 Sep 2006) provides you with the opportunity to present your latest findings on reef potection and management if you submit your abstract in time!

The session (Nick Polunin & Annette Muehlig-Hofmann co-chairs) will address a wide variety of issues. Resource exploitation is probably the most widespread set of human impacts on coral reefs yet there are wide-open questions about regional trajectories and baselines of decline, the complex system consequences and interactions between these and other impacts such as nutrient inputs and coral bleaching. A major current activity in coastal management is area-based control of exploitation, using no-take zones and partial closures, yet the scientific basis of such measures remains inadequate. Understanding the socio-economic origins of these impacts is crucial; why do people use resource-depleting and otherwise destructive techniques, how do they perceive the resources targeted and wider environment, and what does it take to sustain compliance through co-management? Such questions will be at the heart of this session, which welcomes original studies from around the tropics spanning the natural and social sciences and humanities.

By 15 May click on 'Registration and Abstract Submission' and submit your abstract to session 12 'Reef protection and management'. Any queries? Contact n.polunin at ncl.ac.uk or mhannette at hotmail.com

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