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Hi Coral Listers,
I am WAY behind on my readings for the Coral List, as you can see by which thread I am replying to.  As I have been a student at Nova Southeastern University, one of my classmates in my Biology of Sharks and Rays course came up with a great "spokesmodel" for sharks, tailored to the likes of kids.  His name is Sharky Jones: http://www.sharky-jones.com/ 
If someone could help Ian Jones' idea get out and take off with his Sharky Jones character, that would be fabulous since sharks can travel far distances; thus educating us on a wide-array of things the shark sees... just a thought.
UNCW Graduate Student
p.s. Thank you very much to all those who replied to my Philippines thread, I'm working on getting my replies together... I promise!  I forgot how time-consuming being a student again is!
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Dear Members of this in the last weeks very interesting List,

Educate the kids! (And as by-product their parents) This is the most promising 
and probably only solution available to change the mind frame. 

Important is that we "feed" the kids again and again (it's like advertising)

We should get the schools, the teachers and most importantly the kids involved.

For a start; 

Let's put together a workshop (there might be already enough suitable 
educational material out there) and visit the schools.  I am sure there is one 
around your corner!  

One could set up a website adjusted to the needs of the kids and the syllabus 
and accompany the kids throughout the school year or school career. Kids like 
competitions;    set out some prizes and let them compete for it in a quiz 
(within and between schools) 

Important is, that they have a contact / a face they can communicate with and 
(as a highlight) talk to them personally from time to time. 

We could search for a mascot (Nemo is probably already protected by some 
copyright law". Run a campaign where the kids (schools) have the option to 
choose between different mascots, come up with a name, let them paint . you get 
the point!   

This kind of effort would need some coordination and will therefore raise a 
range of issues. - What kind of administrative framework is required? Who e.g. 
would host the website? Is it necessary to set up a new (independent!) platform? 
What is about the Kids that are not blessed with high speed internet access? 
Sponsoring? etc.

I am sure you have some input and answers.


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