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Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
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I agree 100%, Shipwreck data from the Keys show there can be reduced loads 
on natural reefs from scuba divers.  Used correctly (anchored, cleaned, 
prepared and sited properly) wrecks have their place in conservation. 
However, the history of intentially sunk wrecks as artificial reefs has 
often ignored these factors.  In particlar, aging warships with huge levels 
of PCBs and with a complexity of materials that makes cleaning impossible 
should not be used for "conservation" and I have my doubts if the risks are 
even acceptable for diving purposes.

Sorry about missing that the orignal thought was from Phil Dustan, I respect 
him too.  I guess I am a bit sensitive to the subject after the EPA granted 
a waiver to the Oriskany to allow ocean dumping of high levels of PCBs as 
they bent to politics.

-Todd Barber


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> Hi Alex,
> Seriously, are you advocating the sinking of dirty ships as a way of
> reducing coral bleaching? Come on, let's think about this....are you 
> saying
> Miami should have accepted PBCs in excess of EPA standards, the risk of a
> large ship moving and destroying nearby natural reefs, and spent millions 
> of
> dollars, all in hopes that it would redirect some cold water (likely
> disturbing the natural environment) to stop corals from bleaching? Even if
> that would work (which I am NOT saying it would) who in their right minds
> would want to have a ship that could move in a storm close enough to a 
> coral
> reef to have an effect?
> If you want ships for diving opportunites in Miami, then just say so...you
> don't have to hide it by trying to justify how a ship would stop coral
> bleaching. Whatever we do to our oceans, we need to be clear about the 
> real
> goals we are trying to achieve otherwise we will just confuse the public.
> If you want to support ship sinking, then do so for the right
> reasons....diving opportunities, economic enhancement but don't exagerate
> the uses.
> Thanks,
> Todd Barber


I'm not advocating anything, and completely agree with your desire to be
honest and forthright. The idea was floated by Phil Dustan, whom I have the 
respect for. Even he isn't "advocating," just making a suggestion to maybe
think outside the box. Shipwrecks will always be a huge draw for dive 
whether we like it or not. If they can be used for purposes that could 
help promote reef conservation, if seems that we should take a look at it
before dismissing it. Don't you think?

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