[Coral-List] planned field station in Bonaire

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 14 01:46:06 EDT 2006

Dear all

Plans are currently underway to start a fieldstation for marine 
biological research on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. A location 
directly bordering the water has been acquired and designs for the 
station are currently put together. The station will be built from 
scratch and is planned to be fully operational in two years. The 
station will be capable of housing up to 28 people, making it suitable 
for classes/ courses as well, and provide modern facilities for diving, 
labwork and experiments on the nearby (deep)reefs, mangrove systems and 
seagrass beds (or even land ecosystems and geological work). 
To strengthen our capability to obtain additional funding for this 
undertaking and enhance local as well as international support for this 
facility, I would be interested in finding out who would be interested 
in using these facilities (how many people and for what period of 
time), what ideas exist regarding its desired inventory (e.g. lab- and 
dive-wise) and any other suggestion that could help to make this 
project a success.
I expect construction to start sometime this year, so the time to make 
suggestions is not that long anymore. I would like to ask interested 
parties to contact me personally with any further questions, 
suggestions and expressions of interest to use the Bonaire station. 
Please contact me at vermeij at hawaii.edu or (808) 2504133.

With best regards


Dr. M.J.A. Vermeij
Department of Botany
University of Hawaii at Manoa
1600 Lokia street
Lahaina HI 96761
Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A.
mobile: +1 808-2504133
email: vermeij at hawaii.edu

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