[Coral-List] Asking information on software of data analysis of vedio transect method.

Kevin Kohler kevin at nova.edu
Fri Apr 21 09:32:24 EDT 2006


You might want to check out CPCe (Coral Point Count with Excel extensions) 
provided by the National Coral Reef Institute. It's a Windows-based program 
that provides a tool for the determination of coral cover and diversity 
using transect photographs and the random point count method. There are 
also tools for image calibration and planar area analysis.

CPCe is provided free for scientific institutions. More information is 
available at http://www.nova.edu/ocean/cpce/.


At 18:43 4/21/2006 +0900, you wrote:
>Dear list members,
>I ,with my research groups, am currently planning a project of mapping soft
>coral community in southern area of Jeju island, Korea. It is both for
>establishing management guideline and providing the way of sustainable
>development by monitoring the soft coral community at long term base. The
>project would be done by vedio transect method.
>I looked up some informations like "Hawaii Coral Reef Assessment &
>Monitoring Program(CRAMP)" and more, and found a PointCount'99 software. But
>I still wonder if there is any updated computer program or mapping method,
>Any information or comments would be greatly appreciated.
>For your interesting, Marine environment of Jeju is famous for it's insular
>uniqueness and  abandunt soft coral such as non-photosynthetic Dendronephtya
>spp. and Scrleronephthy spp. among Korean coastal water, which resulted in
>designation of Korean MPA.
>Hopefully, excuse my korean-english.
>Jongrak Lee
>Marine Biodiversity Research Institute, INTHESEA KOREA Inc.
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