[Coral-List] Info on coral reef vs temperate zone fisheries

Charles Booth booth at easternct.edu
Fri Apr 21 12:22:43 EDT 2006

I am preparing a course lecture on the fate of primary productivity on coral
reefs. I am curious to know if data exist that compare the rates of consumer
productivity (per unit area), for shellfish (e.g., spiny lobsters, or conch)
on coral reefs to rates of secondary productivity for similar organisms in
the in temperate zone (e.g., America lobster,  or scallops, or maybe
abalone). Obviously, any meaningful comparison would have involve similar
habitat types (e.g, rocky substrate vs coral, or Thalassia vs. Zostera
seagrass beds).  A similar comparison for fish would also be of interest,
but I¹m not sure what species (or perhaps feeding guilds) would be
comparable.  I have checked several online sources, such as
www.reefbase.org, but am unable to come up with the data I¹m looking for ­
if such a comparison has been made, I¹m afraid it could be buried in some
symposium volume (or gray literature) that didn¹t show up in my searches. If
anyone can direct me to a specific reference or two that might have theses
kinds of data, I would be very grateful.
Chuck Booth 
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