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Dear colleagues,

apologies for cross-postings - please find our call for abstracts for the
upcoming Coral Reef Symposium 19-22 September 2006 in Bremen, which we hope you
will find interesting.

Best regards
Amatzia Genin & Claudio Richter


Oceanography and plankton

The organisers of Session 5 on “Oceanography and plankton” at the International
Society for Reef Studies European Symposium 19-22 September 2006 in Bremen
invite the submission of abstracts.

Coral reef processes are tightly linked to the physics and biology of their
surrounding waters. Cross-boundary exchanges of planktonic food, eggs, larvae,
nutrients, dissolved gases, and heat are crucial in shaping the reef community.
Reefs, reef islands and headlands, in turn, generate complex secondary flows
which are responsible for retention and dispersal – e.g. the self-seeding of
some reefs vs. connectivity between others. Currents and topography interact in
the generation of fronts which provide a sorting mechanism for drifting,
floating, sinking and actively swimming particles affecting the distribution of
sediments, eggs, larvae and plankton near coral reefs.

We invite papers on

•Field and modeling studies of advection, internal waves and turbulence near
coral reefs

•Reef effects on plankton, pelagic productivity, and microbial food-web

•Pelagic-benthic coupling

•Effects of advection and topography on pelagic ecological processes – plankton
aggregation near fronts

•Effects of advection and turbulence on benthic boundary layer processes

•Advection and gene flow - retention and dispersal of larvae

and related themes.

Those interested in participating in this session, are kindly asked to submit
abstract by May 15 at:


Proceed to “Registration and Abstract Submission” and assign your abstract to
"Session 05”. Please send an electronic copy to the session co-chairs

Amatzia Genin (amatzia at vms.huji.ac.il)
Claudio Richter (claudio.richter at zmt-bremen.de).

We look forward to your participation!
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