[Coral-List] Eucheuma denticulatum bloom in Kiribati

Iik Suselo iiksuselo at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 20:36:41 EDT 2006

Hi Caroline,

Eucheuma has two phases bearing spore in its life cycle, e.g.
tetrasporophyte and carposporophyte. The spores will be released and attach
on hard suefaced substrate such as corals, pebbles, shells, etc.
Subsequently, if the spores found a suitable media, they would grow fast.
Can be abundance even within one month. However, Euceuma has a not strong
holdfast (like root), it can be liberated from where it attach by la ittle
bit strong current. Usualy it is happened after they release the
spores.Thenthe spores will be dormant until the water condition become
calm enough for
their life. That is why Eucheuma usually abundance only between April to
August (in Java sea). How about the annual cycle condition of Kiribati
water, it may answer your question.

Anyway, for some herbivorous, like Siganus, seaweed is source of their
food. Moreover, one of the bigest obstacle in the seaweed culture is
Siganus (especially sub adult) predation, they can finish the plant

Only for your information, the spore setting technique sometimes is used as
hatchery of seeds on seaweed culture, particularly genus Gracilaria (not
Eucheruma) as it can produce plenty of seaweed seeds.

Best regards,
Iik Endang Susilo
Department of Marine Sciences
Diponegoro University

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> My name is Caroline Vieux and I'm coordinating the "Polynesia Mana"
> node, part of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network. This node
> includes 7 countries of the South Pacific which are: the Cook Islands,
> Niue, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Tokelau, Tonga and Wallis and Futuna.
> I just got an email from the coral reef monitoring coordinator in
> Kiribati. One of the outer island of the Gilbert group is facing an
> Euchema denticulatum algae bloom. They imported this specie for seaweed
> farming and it is spreading out. They would like to know the reasons for
> this bloom and what they should do.
> Could anyone could provide some useful information and advices? it is
> greatly needed.
> Thanks
> Caroline Vieux
> CRIOBE Research Center
> BP 1013 Papetoai
> 98 729 Moorea
> French Polynesia
> carolinevieux at hotmail.com

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