[Coral-List] job announcement

Laurie Richardson richardl at fiu.edu
Tue Aug 1 14:08:33 EDT 2006

   An NIH funded Research Associate position is available at Florida
International University in Miami, Florida to work on an
interdisciplinary study of the biology of black band disease of corals.
We are looking for applicants with a background in microbiology who will
interface with other microbiologists, molecular microbiologists, and
field ecologists in our laboratory.  The focus of the position is
isolation and culturing of microorganisms from black band disease, a
polymicrobial disease consisting of a complex community of
cyanobacteria, sulfur cycle bacteria, and heterotrophs. The position is
under the joint direction of Drs. Laurie Richardson and DeEtta Mills.
Dr. Mills is currently the director of FIU’s International Forensics
Research Institute’s DNA Profiling Facility and Dr. Richardson, a
Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, is a microbiologist
with a current research focus  on mechanisms of coral diseases.
Applicants with a Masters degree or a recent Ph.D. are appropriate for
this position. Salary is commensurate with experience.  To apply, please
email a CV and letter of interest, along with the names and email
addresses of three references, to Dr. Laurie Richardson (email address:
Laurie.Richardson at fiu.edu).  FIU is an equal opportunity employer.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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