[Coral-List] UPDATE: Elkhorn & Staghorn Corals

Sarah Heberling Sarah.Heberling at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 15 12:47:21 EDT 2006

  At the /Acropora/ Conservation Workshops held this past May, my 
colleagues and I mentioned to participants our hope that we would be 
able to provide a summary of the outcomes of the workshops.  I am 
pleased to announce that the following document, "Summary Report: 
/Acropora/ Conservation Workshops" is available on the NOAA Fisheries 
Southeast Regional Office Protected Resources Division website at: 
This document summarizes the workshop process and provides all of the 
information compiled during the break-out group discussions at all seven 
workshop locations.  Additional informational materials available at 
this website include the biological status review document, all the 
listing documentation (including our 90-day petition response, proposed 
listing rule, and final listing rule), press releases, Frequently Asked 
Questions, and public presentations.

Currently, we are working towards developing proposed 4(d) protective 
regulations for these two threatened corals, which may extend some or 
all of the take prohibitions automatically given to endangered species 
under section 9 of the ESA.  We are also working towards gathering the 
necessary data that will inform the designation of critical habitat for 
both species.  At this time, these two initiatives are the critical next 
steps in the listing process and they are top priorities for us for 
these corals.  We also expect to assemble a recovery team, which will 
begin formulating a recovery plan for these two species.

NOAA Fisheries Service Southeast Regional Office is the lead office on 
this issue.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please 
feel free to contact either Jennifer Moore (Jennifer.Moore at noaa.gov) or 
me (see contact information below).

Thank you,
Sarah E. Heberling
Natural Resource Specialist
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NOAA Fisheries Service
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