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mariko abe shark at xc4.so-net.ne.jp
Sat Aug 19 00:20:47 EDT 2006

Hi Zahirul

I can send you photos of    Galaxea fascicularis   as attached files . Just wait several days pls, as now is their spawning season 
here in Okinawa and I am very busy.

As for porites, my porites researcher friends say you can't really tell Porites lobata, Porites Australiensis and Porites lutea just 
by look.
If you want any photos of massive Porites in Okinawa I can send them to you.

ReefCheck Japan Coordinator
*ReefCheck Japan

>Hi all

     >Is there anyone can send me  small photos of these coral listed in the attach file. Here these species are found in bangladesh 
coral area, St. martin Island. We have some photos also but can not identify up to species level. If you agrree I can send >some 
photos that I have taken during the last 8 yeras in St. Martin.
 > Any help will be tremendous for me and will be of great imporatnce and acknowledged.

  >Best regards

>Zahirul Islam
>MarineLife Alliance
>Holding #16, South Chartha
>Comilla 3500
Email: marinelife_al at yahoo.com, sturcnet at hotmail.com 

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