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Position: Coastal Environmental Advisor

Duration: Two Years Minimum

Start Date: October 30, 2006

Organization : Republic of the Marshall Islands Environmental Protection

Location :  Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Background : While the majority of the over 30 islands and atolls of the
Marshall Islands are in pristine condition, the urban environment of the
atoll nation is severely degraded due to a range of issues including
overpopulation, intensive infrastructure development, historic lack of
environmental oversight, and its naturally vulnerable character.
Foreign assistance arrives to the country in great amounts for
infrastructure development, including airports, seaports, coastal
dredging, reclamation and a variety of other projects.   The Agency
involved in ensuring the environment is protected, the RMI Environmental
Protection Authority, does not currently have the technical capacity or
experience to handle the range of development activities.   Assistance
is sought for a Coastal Environmental Advisor for a range of duties that
continue a capacity building process at the organization to build its

Recently, a national coastal management framework for action has been
drafted to deal with a range of coastal environment issues.   This
program includes full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for
development projects, development of a Geographic Information System
(GIS) for land-use planning, project management, conservation, and
development of strategic steps of coastal management including: solid
waste, dredging, marine water quality   and coastal construction.

A suitable candidate will be experienced in environmental management in
coastal areas, preferably small island states, or tropical ecosystems.
Flexibility and creativity in the workplace are extremely important to
facilitate the implementation of unique island solutions for unique
atoll problems.   Located in the capital of the Marshall Islands, Majuro
Atoll, the EPA consists of nearly 20 staff members on three urban
centers (Majuro, Ebeye and Jaluit Atolls.)   Majuro Atoll is populated
by roughly 30,000 people on a 30 mile extremely narrow reef rim.
Management activities are prioritized in these urban centers as well as
the northern island center of Wotje.   Some travel to outer islands is
expected, as well as periodic international travel.


               1.    Minimum 3 years international experience
               2.    Master's Degree in Environmental Science,
               Management, Policy, or similar.
               3.    5 Years experience with Environmental or Coastal
               4.    Ability to live and work in a foreign country for a
               minimum of 2 years.
               5.    Demonstrated understanding of the issues and needs
               of a developing country.

The desired qualifications of applicants are:

               1.      3-5 years experience with GIS applications.
               2.      Scientific understanding of tropical marine
               3.      Certified SCUBA diver with research diving
               4.      Experience coordinating Environmental Impact
               5.      Experience with Coastal Management.

Scope of Work: The Environmental Advisor will be responsible for the
following duties within the RMI EPA:

      In cooperation with a local counter-part, coordinate and evaluate
      Environmental Impact Assessments for major infrastructure

      Build capacity of the General Manager, Coastal Management Officer,
      GIS Officer, and Conservation Officer to continue the
      implementation of the RMI Coastal Management National Framework.

      Conduct technical audit of currently unpermitted industrial
      activity on island and incorporate into EPA permitting system
      including: Power Plant, Coconut Processing Plant, Tuna Loining
      Plant, Sewer Outfall, Dry-dock(s), Waste Dumps, etc.

      Coordinate GIS data collection and database development. For
      utilization in coastal and environmental management

      Provide general scientific and technical advise on the range of
      technical issues that the EPA faces over the course of a year.

Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience.   Contract includes
housing and transportation.

Position Open Until: September 15, 2006

To Apply:  Send CV and cover letter to Caleb McClennen at
caleb.mcclennen at gmail.com.


Caleb McClennen

Environmental Advisor
Environmental Protection Authority
PO Box 1322, Majuro MH 96960
Republic of the Marshall Islands
T: (692) 625 3035 F: (692) 625 5202(See attached file:

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