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Impacts depend on the type of oil. Heavy fuel will impact mangroves more than seagrass or coral.  There have been numerous spills in mangroves (Tampa Bay, Puerto Rico, Yap).  They can fare pretty well if pneumatophores are not smothered. Thus far, 50,000 gallons is not large.  How far out to sea is it, what is the time frame until it reaches landfall?   The big issue is the remaining fuel.

Here is a resource.   


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I missed the beginning of the recent series of messages about oil spills.  Would the person who was seeking information and may have collated the responses be willing to send them to  Cristi Nozawa (cristi at birdlife-asiaorg) ?  She is circulating the following request for information in relation to the Philippine spill.  Please send information directly to her, not to me.  Thanks very much.  Sue

"You must have read about the oil spill that has happened in the central part of the Philippine Archipelago from the island of Guimaras in the past week or so. Around 50,000 gallons has spilled and 450,000 gallons more potentially to spill from the sunken ship transporting the oil. The ship has not yet been recovered nor sealed to prevent further spills. The spill is moving northwest wards and efforts to contain the oil are on going. Many small mangrove reserve and fish sanctuaries have been affected and many more are potentially to be affected. A local environmental NGO, Haribon Foundation is now undertaking a rapid site assessment of the affected coastal areas as well as consulting with local communities.  

Meantime, we are looking for information, experiences, references on the impact of oil spills as well as rehabilitation/recovery of mangrove forests, sea grass beds, mudflats and coral reef areas. We need information on recovery rates of different marine ecosystems and species. It would be very useful if we can get information on how conservation workers can help the ecosystem and local fishing communities recover from the impact of the oil spill. Any other information that may be useful will be most welcome.  

I am also interested in policies and guidelines that may be useful to prevent future incidents from happening as well as mitigation measures. Thank you and look forward to the information to be shared.  
Cristi Nozawa, Vice Chair IUCN WCPA SEA  
Partner Development Officer , BirdLife International (Asia Division)  
Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines

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