[Coral-List] AGU Fall Meeting:coastal models; diversity of the coastal environment: coral reefs

Clifford J Hearn cjhearn at usgs.gov
Thu Aug 24 22:54:52 EDT 2006

   There  is  a  special  session  at  the  AGU  Fall  Conference  in San
   Francisco,  December  11-15,  2006 which is directed at coastal models
   and  data which reflect the diversity of the coastal environment: from
   coral   reefs   to   wetlands.    It will   be of  direct  interest to
   subscribers to  the  coral-list  and will include papers on coral reef

   OS14:   Synthesis and Integration of Coastal Models and Data
   Description:  Synthesis  and integration of data and models provides a
   powerful  tool  that  is increasingly used to study the science of the
   coastal ocean typically with geospatial-temporal analysis. Reports are
   welcome on integrated models of the water column, coastal exchange and
   the  benthos.  These  include cohesive and non-cohesive sediments, and
   their  influence  on  ecological  and biogeochemical cycles of coastal
   regions.  We encourage presentations that feature ecological forecasts
   based  on  synthesis  of  data  and models into databases related to a
   range  of processes and forcing functions, including human influences.
   We  especially  encourage  papers from students and contributions that
   reflect  the diversity of the coastal environment: from coral reefs to
   wetlands.  Anthropogenic  influences likely to be of major interest to
   the  session  include  coastal  construction, dredging, ship wakes and

   The  deadline  for abstracts submitted online is September 7 (just two
   weeks  away). Please also send me a copy of any abstracts submitted to
   this session.
   See you in San Francisco.
   The link is
   Clifford J. Hearn, PhD
   US Geological Survey
   600 Fourth Street South
   St Petersburg, Florida
   FL 33701
   email: CJHearn at usgs.gov


   1. http://www.agu.org/meetings/fm06/?content=search&show=detail&sessid=209

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