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Leah Bunce l.bunce at conservation.org
Mon Aug 28 14:56:37 EDT 2006

Dear All,


We have a new position in Conservation International Marine Management
Area Science Program, which I'm advertising - marine natural scientist
with science-to-action expertise.  The details follow (and attached)...


Please send out to colleagues worldwide!


Thank you,



Leah Bunce, PhD

Senior Director

Marine Management Area Science Program

Center for Applied Biodiversity Science

Conservation International

1919 M Street, NW

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 912-1238

l.bunce at conservation.org







Marine Management Area Science (MMAS) Research and Outreach Director 




The MMAS Research and Outreach Director will be a central team member of
the newly established Marine Management Area Science Program within the
CI Center for Applied Biodiversity Science.  The R&O Director  will be
responsible for overseeing the 18 MMAS natural science projects and for
integrating the scientific results into relevant global and
regional-level conservation initiatives.  The R&O Director will work
closely with the MMAS Senior Director and Senior Principal Investigator,
the researchers for the various projects, and the site partners in
Brazil, Belize, Panama, Ecuador and Fiji.  


In October 2005, the CI Center for Applied Biodiversity Science
established a Marine Management Area Science (MMAS) program committed to
conducting cutting-edge natural and social science critical to marine
conservation decision making.  Through support from the Gordon and Betty
Moore Foundation, the program provides the scientific products and
processes to ensure adaptive decision-making to further MMA
effectiveness and ultimately conserve marine ecosystems and improve
human welfare.  The program includes over 30 social and natural research
activities focused on assessing the ecological, socioeconomic and
governance effects of MMAs and on conducting research to improve MMA
design and implementation.  More specifically, the research is focused
around MMA research needs related to management effectiveness,
connectivity, resilience, valuation, economic development and
enforcement. (Google CI MMAS for more information).




* MMAS Natural Science Research Management:  Facilitate the development
of the research workplans in collaboration with the principal
investigators and in-country partners, coordinate the research projects
with other research efforts, and track research and outreach progress.
In doing so ensure that: a realistic and cost-effective workplan is
developed and implemented for each activity; quality science is being
conducted; field site interests and needs are addressed by the research
team; funding and administrative items are addressed; and CI and Moore
Foundation expectations are being met.


* MMAS Outreach of Natural Science into conservation action: Identify
global and regional-level conservation efforts for each project, seek
opportunities for collaboration, and ensure the results feed into these
efforts.  In doing so, identify the most useful products (e.g. posters,
websites, white papers) to feed into these conservation efforts, ensure
the results are translated into these products, and then share these
products with the audiences.  


* MMAS Program Coordination:  Work with Senior PI to identify future
research priorities.  Assist with fundraising, developing proposals, and
engaging CABS partners and other partners. Address overall MMAS research
and coordination issues as they arise, such as data storage and website





*         Master's degree 

*         Solid understanding of the marine protected areas and tropical
marine ecology. 

*         Four or more years experience conducting applied marine
ecological research preferably with time spent in one of the priority
countries (Brazil, Belize, Panama, Ecuador, and Fiji).

*         Four or more years experience in making the link between
research results and conservation policies at site, national, regional
and global levels, including translating complex research findings to
different audiences preferably with time spent in one of the priority
countries (Brazil, Belize, Panama, Ecuador, and Fiji).

*         Flexibility and the ability to coordinate science activities
outside the person's immediate area of expertise.

*         Project and grant management skills, including ability to
coordinate diverse teams of researchers and stakeholders.

*         Presentation and written communication skills 

*         Proficient with Microsoft Office software package



*         PhD

*         Knowledge of fisheries issues

*         Foreign languages - Spanish and/or Portuguese

*         Fundraising skills

*         Proficient in statistical analysis and data management 


This is a unique opportunity for someone with strong academic
credentials and international conservation outreach experience to gain
skills managing a large program of applied marine research projects
across many countries. 







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