[Coral-List] assistance needed with coral id in Bangladesh

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Mr. Islam needs a copy of J.E.N Veron's "Corals of the World -- three
volumes and an update volume, available from the Australian Institute of
Marine Science. There is also a related database/id system for corals on cd
available separately. 


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Dear List,

I recently received this email asking for assistance with coral
identification in St. Martin Island, Bangladesh. Would anyone have
pictures or know of a good guidebook for the following coral species?
Sorry this is a long list, but information resources are hard to come by
in that part of the world. The original email follows this list.

Thanks much,

Mark Tupper

Acropora aceleus
Acropora austrea
Acropora glauca
Acropora latistella
Acropora multiacuta
Acropora rudis
Acropora vaughani
Montipora angulata
Montipora hispida
Montipora informis
Montipora spongodes
Montipora turtlensis
Montipora verucosa
Pavona decusata
Stylocoeniella armata
Dendrophyllia sp.
Turbinaria frondens
Turbinaria peltata
Turbinaria reniformes
Turbinaria stellulata
Cyphastrea chalcidicum
Cyphastrea serailia
Cyphastrea sp.
Favia favus
Favia pallida
Favia speciosa
Favites abdita
Favites chinensis
Favites flexuosa
Favites halicora
Favites sp 1
Favites sp 2
Goniastrea aspera
Goniastrea edwardsi
Goniastrea palanensis
Goniastrea pendulus
Goniastrea retiformis
Goniastrea pruinosa
Leptastrea purpurea
Leptastrea transversa
Monastrea curta
Monastrea magnistellata
Oulophyllia bennettae
Platygyra daedalea
Platygyra pini
Platygyra sinensis
Hydrophora exesa
Hydrophora microconos
Hydrophora pilosa
Hydrophora sp
Acanthostrea echinata
Acanthostrea hillae
Galaxea astreata
Galaxea fascicularis
Galaxea sp
Goniopora columna
Goniopora djiboutiensis
Goniopora stokesi
Goniopora stutchburyi
Goniopora tenuidens
Porites lobata
Porites lutea
Porites murrayensis
Porites solida
Coscinaraea columna
Psammocora haimeana
Psammocora profundacella
Pseudosiderastrea tayami

Dear Dr. Tupper,
I am writing from Bangladesh. I am really in trouble to get information
regarding Coral ID those we have here in only coral bearing island St.
Martin.  We have 66 sps of coral that has been identified by an coral
biologist. we have only the list and no picture. I need to have the
photos to get idea and to train local community to start community based
monitoring. Even the scientific community is not aware the ID and no
information. I wanted write coral list but I do not know the sending
system and email bounced back. I still do not have answer. I conduct
Reef Check survey last winter in Bangladesh. That was only the reef
building coral status.  Thus for details and perfect survey you know
definitely it needed to be confirmed the spp. I attached here coral list

those are found in St. Martin. But pls if possible send me photos and
send information if you can on the sps. I need to produce some coral ID
that will be used to do survey under water. 
I have some records of coral bleaching that I need to know the sps.
Pls help me if possible. 
Thanks very much for your help and cooperation.
Best wishes
Zahirul Islam
Marinelife Alliance

Zahirul Islam 
MarineLife Alliance 
Holding #16, South Chartha 
Comilla 3500 
Email: marinelife_al at yahoo.com, sturcnet at hotmail.com
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