[Coral-List] underwater camera

Trees Seas treesandseas at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 2 02:34:33 EST 2006


I'd like to ask for advice on a digital camera (with
an underwater housing) that takes good underwater
pictures in natural light. I generally work  in the
5-20m depth range, taking still photos of benthos, so
I usually use natural light to save on power. In my
experience not all cameras that take good pictures
above water can do the same underwater. I don't mind
having to do a little color correction afterwards but
I've had experience with some cameras whose underwater
photos canNOT be color corrected.
 Does anyone know of a good model with 7-8 megapixel
resolution? (A zoom/macro setting good enough to show
corallites in detail would be a definite bonus).Any
recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot
Michelle Reyes

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