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Mike van Keulen keulen at murdoch.edu.au
Fri Feb 3 01:08:30 EST 2006

Hi Michelle,

I've been using Olympus cameras for some time and found they're excellent 
for underwater use. Most models have reasonably priced dedicated housings 
and third party strobes are available for them too. The ones I've used are 
the C-5060 (5 megapixel) and the C-8080 (8 megapixel) - I think these 
models have been superseded, but I would guess there would be a suitable 
replacement. Both the models I use have an excellent super-macro allowing 
you to get to within 2 cm of the subject. Colour reproduction is excellent.


At 15:34 2/02/2006, Trees Seas wrote:
>I'd like to ask for advice on a digital camera (with
>an underwater housing) that takes good underwater
>pictures in natural light. I generally work  in the
>5-20m depth range, taking still photos of benthos, so
>I usually use natural light to save on power. In my
>experience not all cameras that take good pictures
>above water can do the same underwater. I don't mind
>having to do a little color correction afterwards but
>I've had experience with some cameras whose underwater
>photos canNOT be color corrected.
>  Does anyone know of a good model with 7-8 megapixel
>resolution? (A zoom/macro setting good enough to show
>corallites in detail would be a definite bonus).Any
>recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks a lot
>Michelle Reyes
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