[Coral-List] coral bleaching and selecting marine protected areas

David McGuire david at trilliumfilms.net
Tue Feb 7 20:47:58 EST 2006

Hello,  I am new to the list.
  I am working on a coral reef conservation documentary and would like 
to do some fact checking.  Much of the underwater imagery is shot in 
atolls in the north and south pacific. We are supporting the NWHI MPA 
in the film as one solution to protect reef habitat.  However, it is 
difficult to protect against global sea water temperature rises and 
large scale bleaching events. Would it be accurate to say that the NWHI 
are well situated  geographically in the Pacific gyre to minimize the 
coral reefs exposure to sea water increase and subsequent bleaching 
events in comparison to other island groups or reef systems? The 
Hawaiian Islands experienced cool water temperatures in 1998 and 
experienced little bleaching effects.

It is a bit of a leap perhaps but makes for a good generalized 
statement of support.

Thanks for your advice

David McGuire
Trillium Films
Sausalito CA

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