[Coral-List] coconut crabs and horseshoe crabs conservation genetics

Chaolun Allen Chen cac at gate.sinica.edu.tw
Thu Feb 9 07:18:39 EST 2006

Dear All,

We are developing the conservation project targeted on two large arthropods, coconut crab (Birgus 
latro) and horseshoe crab ( Tachypleus tridentatus ) in the Indo-West-Pacific region. Our team includes 
two groups, one is developing aquaculture technique to propagate of these two species. So far we have 
quite successful results. The other group is developing microsatellite markers for conservation genetics 
of these two species. For this part of project, we are seeking for the help to collect a small portion of 
crab's appendage for genetic study throughout the region.

For those who can kindly provide us samples, host our field collection, or just want to know the 
propagation technique of these two crabs, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Allen Chen, PhD
Associate Research Fellow
Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics of Coral Reef Laboratory
Research Centre for Biodiversity, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
E-mail: cac at gate.sinica.edu.tw

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