[Coral-List] Searching for Carib fish out-of-water photos

Eileen Alicea Eileen.Alicea at noaa.gov
Thu Feb 9 13:04:32 EST 2006

Hello Coral listers,
I'm working with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental 
Resources on the development of a Spanish (regulated) fish guide for 
their enforcement officers. We are collecting excellent resolution 
photos of fish out of the water because they are more realistic for the 
rangers to learn from and use when inspecting fishers' catches. We have 
many so far but I'm still searching for the following. We have already 
searched the DNER files, Fishbase.org and Google images and I'm in the 
process of reaching the photographers. If you can facilitate these named 
below, please write to me directly. It will greatly serve the coral reef 
and fisheries conservation goals of Puerto Rico.

1) Scomberomorus regalis- Cero; Sierra
2) Istiophorus platypterus or albicans; Sailfish - Pez vela.
3) Tetrapturus pfluegeri; Longbill spearfish; aguja picuda.
4) Epinephelus guttatus- Red Hind- Mero Cabrilla
5) Epinephelus striatus- Nassau Grouper; Mero Cherna

Thank you,

Eileen Alicea
NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

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