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Tue Feb 14 11:54:07 EST 2006


   The  Little Cayman Research Centre opens for visiting researchers this
   The  Central  Caribbean  Marine  Institute  is  proud to announce that
   Caribbean's  newest  field  station, the Little Cayman Research Centre
   (LCRC)  fringed by the world-renowned coral reefs of Bloody Bay Marine
   Park,  is open to researchers. The Centre opened to students late last
   summer.    Shallow  lagoon,  wall,  and  deep  ocean (several thousand
   meters)  habitats  are  all within swimming distance of the LCRC field
   station.  The  coral  reefs of Little Cayman are among the best in the
   Caribbean  for  research  due  to the fact that they are isolated from
   continental   and   anthropogenic  influences  and  water  quality  is
   excellent.   In   addition  to  diverse  oceanographic  settings  over
   relatively  short  distances,   Little  Cayman  has a well-established
   marine  park  system  and one of the last spawning aggregations of the
   Nassau  grouper.   For more information on the research centre, please
   visit     [1]www.reefresearch.org     or    contact    me    or    our
   [2]manager at reefresearch.org to book a project (group or class).

   Carrie Manfrino

   Central Caribbean Marine Institute
   Dr. Carrie Manfrino, President
   P.O. Box 1461
   Princeton, NJ 08540
   Ph:(609) 933-4559

   Caribbean Headquarters
   Little Cayman Research Centre
   North Coast Road
   P.O. Box 37
   Little Cayman, Cayman Islands
   (345) 926-2789


   1. http://www.reefresearch.org/
   2. mailto:manager at reefresearch.org
   3. http://www.reefresearch.org/

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