[Coral-List] Coral recruitment data for the Bahamas (2002-2004)?

David burdick burdickdr at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 15 07:03:06 EST 2006

   Greetings coral-listers,

   I am interested in obtaining coral recruit/juvenile coral data for the
   Bahamas from  2002-2004 but I haven't had any luck finding anything in
   the  literature  -  any  suggestions?  I performed a small-scale study
   looking  at the effects of macroalgal reduction and Diadema antillarum
   addition  on  a set of small patch reefs off the SW coast of Eleuthera
   and  wish  to compare the results of my juvenile coral surveys to that
   of  other  researchers  in  the  area.   Any  help  would  be  greatly


   David R. Burdick

   NOAA Pacific Islands Assistant Guam

   Guam Coastal Management Program

   Phone:  671.472.4201

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