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A Periodic Inside Look at a Coral Reef Issue from
Alexander Stone, ReefGuardian International Director

Dear Friend of Coral Reefs,

The coral reefs off tiny seven-mile Great Guana Cay in the northern
Bahamas is under threat by an irresponsible mega-development. 
Scientists around the world -- including top coral reef ecologists, and
coral pathologists -- agree that the Discovery Land Company's plans to
build a golf course, 500 residential units and a 180-slip marina will
kill the coral reef in a matter of a few years.  You could help prevent
this by speaking up for this coral reef through the Featured Petition at
ReefGuardian's just-updated website at http://www.reefguardian.org.

Coral reefs are in serious decline around the world, and especially in
the Caribbean.  But the reef at Great Guana Cay is among the few
remaining healthy reefs in the entire Caribbean.  This reef, which is
only 45 feet away from the beach of the proposed development, contains
an incredible diversity of reef fishes, sharks, and brilliant corals. 
But that will all become an algae-ridden dead zone in just a few years
if the Discovery Land development proceeds as planned.  That's why I
urge you to get involved through the Speak Up section at

The native inhabitants of Guana Cay have formed an environmental
organization to fight this development.  But they need all the help they
can get.  Normally, such small islands never have an international
voice.  Help prove that even little islands can have a strong voice in
defense of their coral reefs. Go to our newly-updated website at
http://www.reefguardian.org to learn how.

Thanks so much for caring!

Alexander Stone
ReefGuardian International

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