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Dear Dr. Yamano:


I am concerned about the proposed high cost of hard copies of the
proceedings.  Since I came to UNCW, I have helped our library acquire
all of the series of proceedings (most we obtained for free from the
various institutions that had published them) so that our students could
use these valuable tomes to learn from and plan research.  But my
institution, as I am sure is true for so many others, does not have
enough funds to pay for all the journals and books we need, and such a
high cost could mean that they would decide not to buy this proceedings


I suggest an alternative:  The cost of the CD set is reasonable I hope.
If the 10thICRS committee would permit non-for-profit academic
institutions to make their own hard copies from the CDs, then each
institution could find a less expensive way to make a permanent copy for
their collections.  It should certainly cost less that a few hundred
dollars to print out a full copy (and there would be no shipping of
heavy books across the seas!).  It may not be as nice as a
professionally printed copy but it will do the job.  At least my
university library would not do this unless there was an explicit
permission to make such a copy so as not to violate copyright laws.


Unless you can find a less expensive printer, I suggest you consider
this option.  It would be a shame if after all that work on your part,
the Proceedings didn't find homes in our libraries.




Alina Szmant



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Subject: [Coral-List] Proceedings of the 10th ICRS

Dear colleagues,

Our apologies for delayed production of the Proceedings of the 10th
Okinawa. Here are the latest news on the publication.

We are finishing the final check of the Proceedings, and the CD-ROMs
be produced by the end of this month (28 Feb). Then, we will send it to
all the participants.

For the printed matter, we determined the price to be about US$ 600.
However, we need to have more than 100 orders as numbers of the print.
the order for the printed matter is less 100, we will have to stop
printing the Proceedings. 

More news will be sent as soon as I hear.

Best wishes,

Hiroya Yamano
Chief for Public Relations, 10ICRS
Co-editor for 10ICRS Proceedings

Hiroya Yamano
UR 128 CoReUs, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement
BP A5 98848 Noumea Cedex, New Caledonia
Tel: +687 26 07 19, Fax: +687 26 43 26
Also at NIES

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