[Coral-List] Question about a macro algae species seen on reefs in southern Cat Island, Bahamas

Rick Sanders ricksanders at comcast.net
Tue Feb 21 13:34:49 EST 2006

Dear Listers,

I have spent many hours pouring over photos of macro algae trying to find an
image of the algae that I saw overgrowing corals on many of the reefs I
dived off the southern end of Cat Island in the Bahamas. I have been unable
to find an image of anything close to what I observed there in July 2003.

Description:  It appears to be a filamentous type algae on a greenish brown
color that appears to be made up of netting (the filaments cross each other
in a more or less orthogonal orientation) the netting appears to shaped into
more or less spherical or roundish mats.  The filaments are aprox 2-3 mm in
width. The mats are easy to dislodge from their substrate and feel as if to
crinkle when crushed under pressure with ones hand.  They are overgrowing
many types of corals in shallow and deeper reefs.

I am concerned about the impact that this algae might have on the reefs
there and want to get more information on what is happening there and the
first logical step is to identify it if possible. If anyone has seen what I
am describing and has some photos of this type of algae please send me a
copy or link.

Thanks very much in advance,

Best regards,


Rick Sanders
Deep Blue Solutions
Media, PA
ricksanders at comcast.net

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