[Coral-List] instrument to measure water depths

Anders Knudby knudby at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 16:48:14 EST 2006

Hi coral listers,

I am looking for an instrument that I can use to measure consecutive
substrate depths on a reef. Ideally something that I can place on or
just above the substrate, press a button to take a measurement (for
direct display or preferably download later), and then move on to the
next point of measurement and press the button again. Quick and

I have found a couple of instruments (pressure transducers) that
almost fit that specification, but not quite, and I would like to hear
if anybody out there have already found exactly what I am looking for.
If so please let me know.

(sorry to post a monitoring-related question in the middle of the more
important remnancy discussion, seems out of place, but I'm trying to
do my PhD..... thus perhaps scoring my own points at the expense of
the ecosystem)

Best regards,
Anders Knudby

Anders Knudby
PhD Candidate
Department of Geography
University of Waterloo, Canada
phone: +1 519 888 4567 x7575
e-mail: knudby at gmail.com

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