[Coral-List] Reef Remnancy not resiliency

Charles Delbeek delbeek at waquarium.org
Wed Feb 22 20:27:56 EST 2006

>It is very interesting to follow this discussion and draw parallels 
>with closed system reef aquariums. The problems of algal overgrowth, 
>nutrient load, temperature, water motion, nutrient uptake, 
>ultraviolet intensity, coral bleaching, coral tissue loss are ALL 
>encountered in closed systems. Though we do not have all the answers 
>we do know enough to control some of these factors and what effects 
>changing such factors can have on our miniature "ecosystems". I 
>strongly believe that some of the answers to problems facing wild 
>reefs can be mirrored in closed reef systems, and perhaps can yield 
>some answers as well. The rapid advancements in coral husbandry 
>opens up tremendous opportunities for coral researchers to 
>manipulate systems within a controlled setting.


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