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Tom Williams ctwiliams at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 24 00:43:55 EST 2006

I worked in Majuro on ADB job for water
Please provide more details.
Simply put - where do they get the nitrate for the
algal growth.  

300 people = say =>75kg of nitrate + plus agriculture
People on septic tanks?? or seawater flushing??
Green grass lawns anywhere??
?Any previous military operations on island??

Follow the nitrate.

--- Silvia Pinca <milviapin at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear listers,
>   Large abundance of this algae were found in Namu
> atoll, Marshall islands, in November 2004. Lagoon
> and ocean sides were covered by the alga. No
> nutrients inputs are known in this slighlty
> populated atoll (300 people). Other outgrowth of
> this alga ave been noticed in different atolls
> although not to this extent.
>   Thank you
>   silvia
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