[Coral-List] Not what they used to be

Gene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Fri Feb 24 15:58:39 EST 2006

>>I  have to agree with Jim Hendee when he wrote, "It would seem most 
>>people would agree that coral ecosystems aren't what they used to 
>>be." As a geologist I can honestly agree that Holocene reefs are 
>>not what they "used to be" during the Pleistocene, and they were 
>>not what they "used to be" earlier during the Pliocene, and they 
>>certainly were not what "they used to be"  during the Lower 
>>Cretaceous, (and there were hardly any during the Upper Cretaceous) 
>>and then there are the well known Permian reefs which were not what 
>>they "used to be" during the Cambrian.
>>Yes, nothing is what "it used to be." May be we just need to take a 
>>longer view of things. Gene


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