[Coral-List] Remnancy vs Resilence - Effect of Bombing

Jim Anderson anderson at africaonline.co.tz
Sat Feb 25 12:38:51 EST 2006

Dear Listers,

Talking about the ability of coral reefs to bounce back, at least from
episodic damage I've always wondered about the effect of all that carpet
bombing of the coasts of Pacific islands during WWII. Were there any
prescient scientists around with some (presumably scarce) research dollars
that monitored the recovery of the reefs/fisheries there I wonder?

The question has some contemporary relevence because it seems that the
fishing gears of choice here in central/north coast Tanzania is fast
becoming dynamite. The local anti-dynamite action network members are
pulling their collective hair out trying to get the national and district
governments to respond but the requests are falling on deaf ears. For those
who may have some bright ideas on combating dynamite fishing I'm sure that
network would be more than grateful [the energy behind the group is
sibylle at chumbeisland.com]

Jim Anderson,
Dar es Salaam,

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