[Coral-List] How to inspire responsible actions?

Judith Lang/Lynton Land jandl at rivnet.net
Mon Feb 27 19:15:17 EST 2006

Dear listers,
  I seems we are painfully aware of problems, from overpopulation to  
all manner of over-indulgence. But how to inspire responsible actions  
on our part and others?

Absent easily available remedies, inspirational messages/reminders/ 
exhortations, however persuasive, are unlikely to have much effect.

Jamaican members of  the list can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've  
been thinking we could borrow some strategies from its early family- 
planning campaign. After initial successes targeting women with the  
simple but powerful theme, "Plan Your Family; Better Your Life," plus  
birth control pills that would either have been free or very cheap,  
it was realized that, to be truly successful, men also had to be  
included in the decision-making process.

I remember a creative campaign of newspaper advertisements suggesting  
the more nuanced idea that "of course" dads want their children to  
have a chance to grow up and achieve some measure of respectable  
employment and social status (e.g., bank teller, carpenter), paired  
with condom advertisements on billboards that featured an enormous  
and very sexy looking, black panther.

Surely we could come up with some attention-grabbing, genuine  
solutions to offer the world?

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