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I have followed with a lot of interest the discussions of the last days, confirming how passionate scientists have become nowadays when talking about the evidence of the coral reefs decline. This is a Social Psychological trend of applied science: Scientists engage with the study of environmental problems and feel an urgent need to contribute identifying solutions as a matter of ethical responsibility. This new perspective makes acceptable and even desirable for scientists to express emotions of frustration for being eyewitnesses of decline in the past decades and now by changing their priorities, attitudes and behaviours towards environmental management to get involved trying to communicate a pertinent message to decision makers, decision takers and the general public to allow them to be part of the solutions.


Thanks to Dr. Alina Szmant for the webpage information about the web cast presentation of Dr. Jeremy Jackson. 


Nohora Galvis

(Mental Models to improve coral reef management) 

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For those of you loooking for how some scientists are trying to desseminate the word....

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Dear Science Enthusiast,

University of Texas at Austin Webcast Entitled "Brave New Ocean."

A webcast presentation given by Professor Jeremy Jackson, William E. and
Mary B. Ritter Professor and Director of the Geosciences Research Division
at Scripps Institution of Oceanography will be March 3, 2006 at 7pm. Dr.
Jeremy Jackson is one of the most prominent marine ecologists in the world
and he has a message to get out about the world's oceans - it documents
declines in coral reefs, decreasing numbers of large marine fish, and losses
of coastal and marine ecosystems.  More than just an academic researcher,
Dr. Jackson has actively searched for innovative ways to reach the public,
applying his skills as a communicator with his scientific knowledge to
inspire action.  Dr. Jackson desires to reach a broader audience and affect
change into the future with tomorrow's generation on this topic of interest.

View a FREE web broadcast of the lecture live Friday, March 3, 2006 at 7 pm
CST. During the live webcast, you can submit questions to Dr. Jackson and he
will answer as many as he can for the live and webcast audiences.

If possible, can you distribute or post a link to this webcast on your
website, newsletter, or listserv as well as pass this notice on to any
colleagues of yours that may be interested.

The link to our Lecture Series website, where the details of the lecture and
the webcast can be found, is:

Please let me know if you will consider posting this information.

Thanks for your time,

Brian Zavala
Environmental Science Institute
The University of Texas at Austin
brian.zavala at mail.utexas.edu

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