[Coral-List] Coral Reef Biodiversity Conference, New Caledonia, 30 Oct.-3 Nov. 2006

Serge Andrefouet serge.andrefouet at noumea.ird.nc
Sun Jan 29 04:55:08 EST 2006

Dear listers,

See below an announcement for a coral reef biodiversity conference to be 
held in New Caledonia 30 October- 3 November 2006

New Caledonia is a large island, surrounded by a 1600 km long barrier reef, 
half-way between Australia's Great Barrier Reef and Fiji.

For further information about the program and conference sessions, please 
DON'T reply to me directly, but check out the web site conference @


Official contacts are:
Scientific Committee: Claude Payri, biodiv at noumea.ird.nc
Forum Secretariat: Mina Vilayleck, infocom at noumea.ird.nc

See you there

Serge Andrefouet

>An international forum on coral reef ecosystem biodiversity is being 
>co-organised by the IRD Noumea Centre and the Secretariat of the Pacific 
>Community (SPC) under the auspices of France, the New Caledonia Government 
>and Provinces. It will take place at the IRD Noumea Centre in Noumea, New 
>Caledonia, 30 October - 3 November 2006.
>Although comparable to that of humid forests, coral reef specific richness 
>remains poorly characterized. Numerous interactions between species living 
>in its habitats are still unknown. The spatio-temporal variability of reef 
>formations are under-investigated, though it is essential for 
>understanding the association between biodiversity and climate change.
>These issues are particularly important in New Caledonia. The country has 
>one of the largest coral reef barriers in the world, known as one of the 
>world’s biodiversity hotspots. New Caledonia coral reef is also a 
>candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2007. However, facing 
>strong pressure from the development of human activities, in particular 
>opencast mining, New Caledonia develops conservation programmes for its 
>coral ecosystem.
>The BIODEC forum is part of the French national and international research 
>strategy on Biodiversity. In the New Caledonia context, it aims to bring 
>together international and national actors in order to:
>–       review current scientific knowledge in the field of coral diversity;
>–       identify academic research priority areas;
>–       prioritize applications for sustainable development.
>For further information about the programme
>and conference sessions: www.ird.nc/biodec
>Scientific Committee: Claude Payri, biodiv at noumea.ird.nc
>Forum Secretariat: Mina Vilayleck, infocom at noumea.ird.nc

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